She suffered from back pain and nothing seemed to work..

Meet Joanna - A Retired 62-Year-Old Female From Ohio.

Growing up in Cincinnati, OH and living there for most of her life, Joanna hoped to explore the world with her husband Tom for the rest of her golden years.

After retiring from her job as a social worker, she was ecstatic to have more time to spend with her five grandchildren and take part in their lives growing up.

Unfortunately, five years before her retirement, Joanne started to have some trouble with her lower back to the point where she couldn’t sit still on the office desk for more than an hour.

Even standing up agitated her back to the point where one day, the pain was so severe they had to rush her to the hospital.

A few checkups later, the doctor broke the news and told her about the chronic back pains she grew to experience over the years, mostly from her office job.

The first few weeks after the incident, she got depressed.

When physical movement is limited, this can cause psychological distress, and this distress can then worsen the pain.

And because she was anxiety-prone, things got more serious and she started to have catastrophic thinking that made the pain far worse.

Over the next few years, Joanne and her husband spent well over $5000 on different treatments and therapy sessions, but nothing seemed to solve the problem.

Now that she’s retired, Joanne feared that this would be a significant obstacle, and she won’t be able to do the things she dreamed of doing.

Regardless of whether she ate a healthy diet, exercised regularly and followed all of her doctor's recommendations, her back kept causing her pain.

For most people, back pain can be minor or a significant discomfort that comes now and then. But if you're anything like Joanna, then you reach a point where there's no break from the pain.

You see, the problem is when the pain becomes chronic, it’s way worse than just a physical sensation.

Your emotions start to mess up with your mind, and it becomes the controlling factor in your life. If the pain gets loose, your day gets better, but if it worsens, then your life can become a living nightmare!

Joanna and her husband were hitting a wall and did not know what to do.

If there was only a solution that can help her solve her back pain problems and live without fear or limitation.

Life Without Back Pain

Joanna was getting tired of the pain and wanted to find a solution to help her cope with her situation.

She was looking for a solution that will help her get more comfortable to spend more time with her grandchildren and go on adventures with her husband, Tom.

The solution needed to be affordable but at the same time, resolve her problem once and for all.


An Interactive Program
That Eliminated Her Back Pain

One day after months of research and years of suffering from back pain, Joanne heard about a solution that this woman, Sarah - 72 years old - talked about in one of the parks that Joanne often goes to.

Sarah was raving about this new program that evaluates the movements and current back situation then customizes simple daily exercises. In a matter of weeks, Joanne felt like she was 15 years younger.

Joanne was intrigued by seeing how Sarah was ten years older than her, yet she seemed much younger with a healthy back.

Joanne signed up for Back In Action interactive program and in a matter of days she started to see results in her back.

The 15-minute exercises helped her ease the pain, and soon after, she started to see significant improvement.

After sticking with the program for a few weeks, she was able to go to the park with her grandchildren and spend the whole day with them without feeling any discomfort and back issues.

Her sleep was getting better, and in a couple of months, she regained almost full recovery.

Whether you find it easy to stick to a routine or not, the program is designed in a way that makes it simple to follow so you can get the most out of the exercises.

Because we customized the routines throughout the programs to you, your back pain will start to fade away in no time, and you'll begin to see your pain vanishing in a matter of weeks.

Here’s what’s inside and how the program can help your back pain..

Start Your Recovery Here
You begin your journey by answering a few questions that will assess your fitness level then the system will provide you with a fully customized plan that will walk you through recovery.
Exercises That Will Transform Your Life
In just 15 minutes a day with the systematic exercises that we designed to help you regain control of your back, you'll start to notice significant improvements in a matter of days.
Actionable Guidance For Lasting Relief
With the right strategies that we've put for you in place combined with the latest research on back pain, the program provides you with snippets of actionable advice that will help you advance even further with your recovery.
The Support You Need On Your Journey
Our team of health coaches is available every step of the way to motivate and encourage you. You can chat with your dedicated expert directly in the platform, and we'll continuously evolve your plan to better fit your needs.

4 Phases to a happy and healthy life



We start you off with simple and safe movements that will get you feeling better in no time. This phase is composed of simple, effective, and safe movements that will help you get on the first step to ease the pain.


The exercises at this phase will help you develop a proper posture that will improve your back recovery. Correcting structural imbalances and restoring better mobility in the joints typically restricted following a low back injury.


The phase teaches you functional movement activities that will help you improve coordination and strength of the muscle systems typically injured with back pain.


Maintain your recovery at this phase with a set of exercises that are designed to help you stay on track and keep your fitness level steady enough to prevent any future injuries.
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You Have TWO Choices..


Leave this page and go back to your routine.

Continue struggling without a plan hoping one day your back pain will get better on its own.

Spend countless hours of pain and fight to keep doing the bare minimum to function your daily life.

Exhaust your wallet and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on physical treatment that gives you temporary relief only to find yourself where you started.


Take the next step down the path of relief.

Join Back In Action.

Stop the root of all your back pain problems.

Start to see improvements in your strength and flexibility in a matter of days.

Regain control of your life and start your journey to heal your back pain once and for all.

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A single physical therapy session would cost at least $100.

You'll have to leave the comfort of your home.

Drive to a clinic and fill out forms.

Go back several times, depending on your condition.

You might need to see a specialist which will cost you a lot of money.

A prescription can run anywhere from $10 to $200.

Or worse, you might need surgery, and that can ramp up to thousands of dollars!

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You have struggled to find the back pain relief you so desperately need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

QWould this program work for my chronic lower back pain?

AJust like Joanne and Jeff who suffered from long term chronic pain and with the help of Back In Action they recovered completely and were able to get their life back on track you can too.

And we’re continually reviewing the latest information in the science of back pain relief to ensure all our pain education lessons are up to date and our recommended exercises follow current best practices.

QWhat makes your program different from others?

A Our program offers easy back pain treatment at home.

The chronic pain app itself is intuitive, the instructional videos are clear and easy to follow, and none of the exercises we recommend require no equipment.

If you can commit to learning and exercising for just 15 minutes a day, Back in Action can help you find lower back pain relief and control your pain.

QHow quickly can Back in Action help me recover?

A There are a wide variety of factors that dictate this. It depends on the extent and nature of your pain, your fitness level and how much you put work into the program.

Back in Action users typically begin to see positive results within the first week of the program.

QWould this program work for me even if my fitness level is low?

A We have a tried and tested assessment process that replaces having to see a doctor and physio face-to-face.

Having a daily relationship offers both you and physio many benefits. By the end of the first week we can know a lot more than a one-off 30 minute appointment.

Feedback daily and continue your physio check-ins and chat so we can make sure you’re building your resilience most effectively. Learn to tackle the root causes of muscle and joint pain with a programme and physiotherapist that is with you everyday.

QHow many times do I have to pay for this program?

AYou'll only need to pay once, and you'll have lifetime access to the program, which costs less than what you'd typically spend on regular physical therapy session.

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Sandy G. — 54